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For 15 years picture framing has provided an endless river of creative challenges.  You never know what artwork will come in the door next... this is what I love most about picture framing. It keeps you on your toes because the options for framing these artworks seems endless.
When I'm not framing, I'm painting or thinking about painting. I have a passion for color and its expressive power, so picture framing as a profession makes sense.  I enjoy pushing designs to give the artwork an unexpected presence and allows the artwork to speak.  A frame can add character and sophistication to a piece that otherwise can look lost or unfinished.  In the end, with both picture framing and painting, it's all about an exciting visual product.

I've been interested in the arts, in one way or another, for as long as I can remember.  I was encouraged to follow through with it by my parents, friends and teachers and eventually wound up focusing on studio arts in college with a minor in graphic design.  Once I began painting, framing sort of seemed like a natural discipline for me to learn.
Back then I never thought I'd make a career out of framing.  But I simply never tired of it. I'm still consistently challenged, and as a result, rewarded each and every day.  As an artist, I place an awful lot of weight on the presentation and preservation of relics of any sort, and I'm always looking forward to the next challenge.

My background is a mixture of sculpture, art history and art administration.  So when I got into framing two and a half years ago, the connections were clear to me: the common ground lies within presenting and designing works to fit into personal spaces.  The images, objects and documents our clients choose to frame tell very specific, even personal, stories about themselves.  In my opinion, what we do here goes far beyond simply framing art works.
I spent some time in the Interior Design program at LaRoche College in the mid '90s, and through a contact and friend there took a job at The Framesmith.  I have, though the years, enjoyed the steady stream of art from all walks of life. And I've embraced the responsibility of handling these materials properly.  The focus of any frame is to showcase inspiration.  From the menu you brought home after the best meal you've ever had or a poster from your favorite museum, to an old family portrait or family heirloom, or to the coolest image of Batman you can find, walls are much more interesting when memories and inspirational presentations are displayed on them.